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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gunslinger Rewards?

Gunslinger Rewards are a promotional balance that you can use towards future purchases!

Who can earn Gunslinger Rewards?

All Gunslinger Arms customers who have registered for an account with us are eligible to earn Gunslinger Rewards when they place orders while they are logged in. Registration is super easy, fast, and even better its free. If you’re not a registered user, to sign up with us today by clicking the link Register .

I placed an order, how do I receive my Reward Points?

Any Guslinger Rewards you’ve earned on your purchase will be applied to your Gunslinger Arms account. You can view your rewards balance at any time by logging in to your account, under Gunslinger Rewards or click this link Gunslinger Rewards

What happen to my Gunslinger Rewards if I cancel or return items?

If an order is canceled or refunded the Gunslinger Rewards points are automatically credited back to the customer’s account.

If an order that earned a Gunslinger Rewards is canceled or refunded, any awarded points are automatically deducted from that customer’s balance.

Do my Gunslinger Rewards Expire?

Yes, your Gunslinger Rewards expire within one year of earning them. Please be sure to use them before one year as they cannot be redeemed once they are expired.