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Ruger LC9 Holster – Bulldog Rapid Release Right Handed Holster

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The Rapid Release Holster with Paddle is made of durable, high-tech polymer materials with gun specific design and is fully adjustable to multiple draw positions. The specially designed locking mechanism provides safe and secure Level II retention with one finger quick draw release. Features : Fits Ruger LC9, Right handed


In stock

In stock

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Product Details

This Bulldog Rapid Release paddle holster is created using high-quality polymers and molded specifically for the Ruger LC9. The design of a paddle holster lends well to adjusting where you carry your handgun giving you multiple draw positions. You can change the cant of the holster for a faster and more convenient draw. The paddle of the holster is lined with silicone for comfort so it can be worn for extended periods without it disturbing you. This level II holster features a locking mechanism that provides full retention with a one-finger “quick draw” release.

The advantage of using a paddle holster is evident if you are someone who is in and out of vehicles a lot during the day. They can be easily taken off and put back on without issue quickly. A belt holster does not give the wearer the same flexibility since it requires you to remove the holster from the belt before you can take it off. Although a belt can be helpful when using a paddle holster, you are not required to wear a belt while using a paddle holster due to their wrap-around design. Out of all holster designs, none can compete with the conveniences of the paddle holster. Be aware that if you are planning on carrying concealed you will need a covering garment.


  • Made of a durable high-quality polymer molded for the Ruger LC9
  • A specially designed locking mechanism provides safe and secure level II retention with a one-finger quick draw release.
  • Silicone lined paddle
  • Fully adjustable to multiple draw positions
  • Adjustable cant
  • Right-handed

Additional information

Weight 0.4375 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2.5 in

Right Hand


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