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GLOCK 43 Magazine Extension by Ghost

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Adds two rounds to your GLOCK 43 and uses the existing base plate. Features a stainless steel magazine spring. Features : Adds two rounds, Stainless steel magazine spring, Uses existing base plate


In stock

In stock

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Product Details

If you ever thought you needed a bit of extra grip surface on your Glock 43 or that adding a couple of extra rounds to your magazine would help you on the range, in competition, or give you the upper hand in a self-defense situation then this is the product for you.

This Glock 43 magazine extension by Ghost Inc. will allow you do to all the things mentioned previously. It uses your current magazine baseplate so no need to purchase a new one. The stainless steel magazine spring included is corrosion resistant so you are free to carry in wet environments. The magazine extension is extremely easy to install and will only take you a few minutes to go from 6 round to 8 round capacity.

If you have larger hands this is a must-have upgrade for your magazines allowing you to have a full grip on the frame letting your pinky to take part in the action! The extension even sports grooves build in to rest your pinky on. Not only that but the extended bottom of the magazine makes it much easier to grab a second mag out of your pouch on your belt since it is longer and wider.

This is a true +2 magazine extension. Many other brands that claim their extensions fit +2 but will actually only fit +1 reliably. Due to the relatively low round count of the OEM Glock magazine for the model 43, this is an incredible force multiplier for any self-defense situation.

This product is protected by Ghost’s unconditional lifetime warranty.

Features :

  • Adds two rounds
  • Stainless steel magazine spring
  • Uses existing base plate

This product is not compatible with the Glock 43x

Additional information

Weight 0.0625 lbs
Dimensions 6.8 × 2.3 × 1.3 in

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