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The charging handle is used to manipulate the bolt carrier group (BCG) on your AR-10. It can also be used to lock your BCG to the rear with the assistance of your bolt catch. Your charging handle will also come in handy any time you encounter a misfire, jam, double feed and many other issues that happen over a course of fire. Changing the charging handle on your AR-10 will be the easiest modification that you will ever do to the firearm, just open your upper receiver from the lower, take out your bolt carrier group and old charging handle then insert your new charging handle with the BCG. With so many brands on the market, you are bound to find something that will suit your style and needs.

There are two different types of charging handles: standard and ambidextrous. The standard charging handle allows the user to charge the bolt carrier group on only one side of the handle. (The left side on most since this is is usually where the upper receiver is milled to lock the handle in place) An ambidextrous charging handle gives you the option of charging the bolt carrier group using either the left or right side of the handle. Ambi charging handles are an excellent choice for a left-hand shooter since they will more naturally want to use the right side to manipulate their bolt carrier group.

Some charging handles will have extended claws on either one or both sides making them much easier to use when you are shooting with gloves on. Others will have a slimline design reducing the possibility of it getting snagged on things during your operation. There are even different color options available to the user so you can add a little flair to your firearm.

When using your charging handle it is important to make sure that you are pulling straight back in order to mitigate the risk for undue wear on the sides that go inside the upper receiver. Lubricating the charging handle will also make it much easier to use and is always recommended. Ensure that you clean your charging handle often on gas impingement firearms especially since the carbon fouling tends to collect art the base closest to the gas tube.

Below you will see many great charging handle options from great brands. Find one that works best for you and customize your AR-10 today.

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