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GLOCK 43 Trigger

GLOCK 43 triggers are one of the most commonly upgraded components of the G43. Different triggers can provide different trigger pull, feel, and performance for your GLOCK products.

The trigger is one of the most popular options for handgun upgrades and can drastically improve your performance after this easy upgrade. One of the biggest reasons for loss of accuracy is a trigger that is too heavy, not a smooth pull, too much travel, or otherwise not familiar with the user. With compact pistols, this becomes even more essential since you don’t have as much grip in your hand as on full-sized models. Changing a trigger on the Glock 43 is a simple job that most people could do themselves with a bit of time on their hands. Since Glocks are very popular on the market if you are not comfortable doing the trigger job yourself you will definitely be able to find someone confident enough to install it for you.

Depending on if you plan on using your Glock as a range, competition, or carry gun many manufacturers will have a trigger pull weight that will work with whatever application you plan on using it for. Some triggers are also adjustable allowing the user to change the trigger pull weight on the fly for what they are currently using the pistol for. Some triggers will also come in interesting colors allowing you to customize your pistol and truly make it yours.

The factory Glock trigger parts are stamped metal that could leave rough parts that could impact the trigger performance. An aftermarket trigger from a quality manufacturer would have taken more time to polish up any blemishes making the trigger pull much smoother and easier to control.

When using the factory trigger on a Glock for any amount of time you will likely notice a large amount of take up, a gritty break, and a less than stellar amount of over travel. Aftermarket triggers will greatly reduce the take up and over travel while significantly improving the break. These are all essential for being the first to let an accurate shot off in a situation that demands high performance.

If you are looking to create the smallest grouping possible precision and consistency are something you cannot compromise on. When you can count on your trigger to perform clean consistent actions time after time you will notice a drastic improvement in your accuracy.

Below you will see a list of quality options for your Glock 43 trigger. These will assist you in being able to maintain rapid and accurate shots anytime, anywhere. You will be confident in your abilities whether it be on the rage, in competition, or in a self-defense situation.



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