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Bore Snakes

Using a bore snake is one of the quickest and easiest ways to clean the inside of your barrel. You run very little risk of damaging your barrel while using one due to the flexible design.

When purchasing a bore snake, make sure you find one that matches the caliber of your firearm. If you buy one that’s too big, it most likely won’t fit down the barrel. Too small, and it won’t provide an effective cleaning job.

We carry bore snakes (also called bore mops) from a variety of brands.

If you are looking for a fast, easy, and safe way to clean the barrel of your firearm look no further than a bore snake. These tools get rid of the need for those little cotton pads and bristle brushes that you constantly need to dunk in solvent and replace when they get dirty. All you need to do with a bore snake is put your solvent on the end closest to the brass bristles then using the weighted end start putting it down your barrel from the chamber end. As the solvent breaks down the build-up inside the barrel the rest of the cloth material will clean as the entire bore snake passes through. Since the bore snake is created using soft, flexible materials it won’t induce the same amount of wear on your barrel that a traditional cleaning rod since they can scrape the inside of your barrel if you do not guide them properly.

With this ease of use, a bore snake is a range essential so your barrel can keep up with extended use without fouling. Bore snakes will take up much less room in your range bag than a cleaning kit will (especially if you are using a long barrel cleaning kit that would require either one extremely long rod or multiple smaller ones) and you will be able to use it much faster.

Bore snakes also come in different lengths to both easily accommodate long gun and pistol length barrels. Some bore snakes will handle multiple calibers. For example, the 30 cal bore snake will work with 308, 30-06, and other 30 cal rifles. It is important to make sure that you follow the sizing guide as a bore snake that is too large will not reasonably fit down the barrel of a smaller caliber and one that is too small will not be able to effectively clean the rifling of a bore diameter that is too large.

When you have a bore snake you can say goodbye to constantly replacing cotton swabs, bristle brushes, and cleaning rods since bore snakes can be cleaned and reused. You can wash them by hand in soapy water, scrubbing and brushing away any residue then hang it up to dry! Or if you want to go the super easy route they can be thrown in the washing machine then hung up to dry when finished.

There are multiple companies that manufacture bore snakes (some call their product bore mops) and we carry a wide variety of what is currently available on the market. Find your favorite brand below and start cleaning your barrels with ease.